About Our Marketing Service

Provision of marketing reports covering the United States and Japan.
Marketing proposals and project presentations in preparation for product manufacture.
Marketing proposals and presentations related to product sales, sales channels and potential targets, etc.
Marketing proposals and presentations essential to business development, formed through background research and statistical analyses pertaining to population, culture and religion, etc.
Presentations tailored to specific marketing targets and comprehensive marketing bearing product placement strategies in mind.

We provide up-to-date reports mainly in the fields of fashion, beauty, Food, Retail store and current market leading products.
If there is a particular product or range of products that you are interested in, we can provide accompaniment to meetings with all the relevant companies and assist in contract related administrative affairs, etc.
The services we provide cover information gathering for trade fairs, escorting at trade fairs and interpreting.
In addition, we can conduct searches for products that are required on your behalf and provide related information.
Our services will allow you to conduct successful overseas research and eliminate unproductive business trips.




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