About Our Management/PR Service

With the coming 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, Japan is anticipating a mini economic bubble giving rise to many business opportunities.
Fundsmedia Inc. provides support for US specialists, artists and companies seeking to establish business in Japan. Drawing from our extensive experience in the Japanese market, we can also provide assistance in formulating effective PR strategies for the commercialism nation that is Japan.
Our experience allows us to generate successful product PR through collaboration with advertising agencies and publication companies.

  • Overseas management support and PR for Japanese artists
  • Management support for specialists and artists in the U.S., European, Japan

We provide support for the overseas activities for talented artists and artisans of Japanese culture, etc.
We will put together project management schedules for various projects (short-term, spot venues, events, long-term) in accordance with the needs of our clients, and provide support for meetings, interpreter/translation services, administrative tasks related to contracts, etc. and contact with competent legal support.
We will also propose approaches and PR to various media and settings for individual exhibitions and events.
Our proposals will offer you a choice of finely tuned services in line with your budget with support to facilitate smooth business activities overseas.

Japanese-English. All categories and business correspondence ghost-writing.
Article and copy writing in Japanese and English for various media.



  1. 日本人アーティストのアメリカ進出マネジメント及びPR業務
  2. 特殊技能者及びアーティストの欧米でのマネジメント業務



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