B2B Communication

Coordination between U.S., and European, Japan, Asian companies, and agreement/contract related administration.
Acting as agent in accordance with activity content.
Coordination of OEM partnerships, licensing business.
Business expansion through investment from Japan and other Asian countries.
Liaison agent for Japanese production technologies and production engineers.
Coordination with high potential companies and proposal of attendant agreement/contract related administration.
Proposal of intermediaries for brand licensing business, spot OEM production.
Proposal of comprehensive branding with priority placed on your company’s targets and communication.

M&A Communication

Coordination for the sale of US companies to Japanese companies, visa related administration, and legal support.
Coordination with interested parties in Asia, Japanese companies and investors regarding the selling of US companies and/or stocks and shares.
Proposal of investment decisions that take aspects such as cohesion between various brands into account and not just the financial perspective.
Proposals that minimize M&A related risk.
Agreement/contract related administration and referral to competent legal support.

Brand Development

Specific consulting services focused on brand enhancement such as naming, packaging design, PR, store operation, etc.
Proposals for new designs through collaboration with our global creative design team and practical brand structuring.
Proposal of plans to heighten in-house synergy through the introduction of exclusive contracts with other brands and licensing businesses, without relying solely on in-house brands.
Proposal of new advertising and potential store operation services to re-assert brand value recognition.
Proposal of new plans and accompanying PR advertisement.

New Business Development

Proposal of ideas for new business development and product planning, and proposals covering the full business process from screening of new business concepts through to sales.
Proposal of cogent advice drawing on generation specific backgrounds in accordance with the objectives of new business concepts.
Proposal of new designs through collaboration with our global creative design team and practical planning.
Proposal of numerous new product ideas in accordance with current trends and further screening for new business ideas to heighten in-house motivation.

Overseas Expansion Plan

Proposal Business proposals and setting for corporate and individual investors looking to invest in the Japan.
Consultation for companies and individual investors considering new business on the US mainland.
Consultation for new business plans with a focus on individual backgrounds, and acting agent for business take-over, general living overseas.
Support for client family members and lifestyle, based on local information.
Provision of know-how and assistance concerning visa issuance for various countries, referrals for competent legal support and mediation for banking services.
Clarification of the intentions of corporate or individual investors and proposal of total support plans in accordance with the intent behind the overseas expansion.
Proposal of support plans for the client’s family and lifestyle based on local information.
Legal and bank support.












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