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Fundsmedia Inc. is a consulting company operated by a Japanese proprietor based in Los Angeles, California, USA.
With a branch office in Tokyo, Japan and an extensive network of contacts and associates in Asia, the United Kingdom, Italy and the United States, we are steadily progressing towards globalization in our aim to conduct timely business that is attuned to local cultures and trends.     Together with our clients, we establish a relationship of mutual inspiration and motivation to create a prosperous future.

Company background

Megumi Kurachi, the proprietor of Fundsmedia Inc. founded a small company in a small single room apartment in Nishi-Azabu, Tokyo, in December 1997, with just ¥300,000 capital.
This company, TKI Corporation, came into being following a request from a supplier Florence in Italy seeking business opportunities through exports to Japan, and business soon commenced in earnest with TKI Corporation importing fashion brands under sole distributorship agreements with designers and manufacturers in Europe and the United States.

In 2004, the company was re-organized, and Megumi Kurachi moved on to contractual consulting and management in relation to European and United States based fashion brands.
In December 2008, shares of the Imports Department of TKI Corporation were transferred to Baycrew’s Co., Ltd.
In 2011, Megumi Kurachi invested in the United States and founded Harlow’s Consultancy LLC in Hawaii, a US based corporation providing consultancy and management services.
In September 2013, this company was transferred from Hawaii to California.
In March 2015, the company was re-organized and renamed, “Fundsmedia Inc.”.

Megumi S. Kurachi
President / Co-funder
Los Angeles All work 倉地 愛 代表取締役
Hiroshi Joshua
Legal/International Contract
Los Angeles 国際契約書
Takeshi Noya
Japan Sales
Japan 野矢 武 日本 営業
Andrew Willkinson

DipTransIoL / International Contract
London UK branch 国際翻訳 国際契約書
LDB Letizia di bari
Florence Italy branch


About Us

Fundsmedia incはアメリカ、カリフォルニア州ロスアンゼルス拠点の日本人が経営するコンサルティング会社です。


1997年12月東京港区西麻布にて6帖一間のアパートで資本金30万からスタート。TKI corporation 倉地愛が商社時代にイタリアのフローレンスにて駐在をしていた際にあるサプライヤーからビジネスの輸出を日本にして欲しいとたのまれて、ファッション製品の貿易会社をはじめる.欧米のファッションブランドの独占販売輸入ならびにホールセール事業。
2011年アメリカ、ハワイ州にて米国投資の米国法人にしてHarlow’s Consultancy LLCをスタートアメリカにてしコンサルティング、マーケティング業務をスタートする。
2015年3月に組織変更により会社名をFundsmedia inc に改名する。

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